NHW Systems provides a full range of online services

DSL High Speed Internet Conductivity: We provide high speed accounts nationwide. NHW Systems will supply a filter splitter to connect into your phone jack, a dsl modem, and the lines to connect into your computer. There are no set-up charges. You will receive email accounts at no additional charge, within reason, as determined by NHW Systems. Please note that it usually takes one week to install high speed service.

NHW Systems maintains ownership of the dsl modem, filters and lines. When service is terminated by the customer or NHW Systems, for what ever reason, the equipment will be returned. If it is not returned within two weeks of service termination, the customer will pay to NHW Systems the sum of $500. If NHW Systems needs to go to court to collect either the equipment or the funds for the equipment, the customer is liable for all attorney and court costs associated.

DSL Cost: $46.50 for Monthly Access for one computer, paid on a month to month basis (there is no discount for prepay of multiple months)

NHW Systems will supply the modem and filters. You can install your own dsl router, if you require to connect more than one computer on the single dsl line. There is no additional charge for multiple computer connections to the same dsl line. Please note that your bandwidth will be split between the computers you connect to the same dsl line.

Please note that there are no refunds for any prepaid account.

Email Only Accounts:Quicknet will provide email only accounts for individuals or companies that wish to maintain their email on the Quicknet server. The cost for a single email only is $40 per year, payable in the annual amount - there is no payment for these accounts on a month to month basis. If a company requires multiple email accounts, NHW will provide a discount prive, quoted after receipt of specifications by the customer. We are also able to tie these email accounts to a specified domain, if this is needed by the customer.

Web Hosting: Most web sites are hosted for a fee of $10 per month. If special requirements are needed for the site, we will quote based on the customer's specifications.

Web Design: Quicknet - NHW Systems Inc. charges a fee of $35 for web design. However, we will quote a not to exceed fee after receipt of specifications by the customer. Simple sites can be done for as little as $350.

Email Marketing: Quicknet can set up a bulk mailing account for a customer. These accounts can be divided into defined groups, if the customer has a need to segregate emails that will go out to the group. The cost for email bulk mailing is $50 per month. Please note that spamming is not an acceptable use for the account and will be cause for immediate termination. All Federal, State and Local laws will be applied for email marketing.

If you have any questions about the NHW Systems Inc. policies please call 352-610-2580 or email: lsarko@qn.net


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